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  • I own a replica of the Jurassic Park Jeep #29 from the movie and it is my baby! As I was driving home one day I felt the drive was rough and wobbly. Since I personally put my blood, sweat, and cash into making my Jeep as accurate as possible I was afraid to take it to a random shop just in case something happened to it. I was told about how amazing Overpower Customs was and how good the quality of work they do from a friend, so I decided to call them up. They took me in that day, called me when they figured out what was wrong, was straight and honest about the work they were doing and the cost (very fair pricing!!) and had my Jeep back to me the very next day! It ran perfect and they replaced everything needed (U-joints and distributor cap) to get it running better than before I’ve had it. I can’t thank them enough for their quick, quality work to get my Jeep back to me, 5 star customer service and I recommend to everyone!

    William M.

  • I first met Trey and crew at Cars and Coffee about 3 years. I had just bought my C/10 and she just wasn't right. Trey, John, and then Jason and the rest of the guys helped get my truck to where it is today. I can't even list all the things that I have done at the shop. Without Trey and the guys I'm sure I would have gotten rid of my truck by now.

    Bruce N.

  • This shop has completed multiple projects for me on my 1959 Chevy Apache. Every project has exceeded my expectations and has come in within the budget. Prior to starting each project, I worked closely with the shop manager or the owner to discuss my options and timeline for completion. I appreciate their honesty and candor.

    Projects Completed so far:
    Swapped traditional suspension for Airbag system and custom 4-link.
    383 Stroker engine swap.
    Rebuilt my 700r transmission.
    Upgraded wheels and tires to Detroit Steel Wheels.
    Interior upgrade including custom wrapped bench seat, Lokar floor shifter, carpet, and dash gages.

    Use this shop!... You won't be disappointed!

    Peyton & Shelby W.

  • Herbie is my 34 rat rod that I have never really been able to enjoy because it’s always had electrical issues. I’d seen the Overpower crew and numerous events and after discussing Herbie problems I took him into the guys and after going over my concerns and vision for the improved Herbie. The final outcome, I can’t express how great the final repair and “remodel” turned out.
    They went above and beyond with my vision and now Herbie has a new look and I no longer have any trust issues when it comes to driving anywhere. The repairs and service I received compared to the coin I shelled out I defeated got my money's worth. I already plan on returning to Trey, Eddy and the Overpower Customs crew in an attempt to upgrade Herbie suspension.

    Rick M.

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